How to block a number from calling my rogers cell phone

Solved: How can I block people from calling my number? Telus doesn't block incoming calls from the network end, but some phones do have this feature built into the software. Look for a Another feature that Telus doesn't have compared to Rogers or Bell. Call screen is for landlines, not cell phones.

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Certain numbers calling us will not ring on - Rogers Sep 25, 2016 · Certain numbers calling us will not ring on wireless home phone; call goes to voice mail Need Help? That's what we're here for! The goal of the Rogers Community is to help you find answers on everything Rogers. 3 Ways to Block a Number on a Cell Phone - wikiHow Apr 15, 2013 · How to Block a Number on a Cell Phone. Telemarketers, political campaigns and other unwelcome callers can disrupt you with ill-timed calls. If you want to get rid of their phone calls altogether, there are several ways you can set up your How to Block Your Telephone Number When Calling on Verizon When calling a number from a Verizon Wireless cell phone your number, and in some cases, your name appears on the recipient's cell phone screen or caller id box. To maintain privacy or prevent the person you are calling from seeing your telephone number, you … 4 Ways to Block a Call - wikiHow

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Rogers Cellular - How To Block Unwanted Calls | Best Free Blocking Nuisance Callers on Rogers Cellular Network. Posted on February 9, 2016 / With 0 Comments; Rating: Are you using Rogers Cellular as your cell phone carrier? Are you tired of receiving nuisance phone calls from telemarketers, pranksters, or even abusive callers? This allows a User to block any phone number they do not wish to Can you block a call on an old flip phone? Mar 13, 2014 · My mom has been having this same guy call her pretty regularly. It's a wrong number and she tells him but he'll still call and sometimes late at night. He's from the same state but different city about 200 miles away. She likes to keep her phone near her at night and she would prefer not to have to turn it off. Is there anything she can do to block his calls? Block a phone number. What does the caller see and hear