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Hard disks can also make noise as the platters spin and the head seeks data. can take to quiet your computer, depending on what part is making the noise. 19 May 2019 While you're at it, give the motherboard, graphics cards, hard drive, Open your desktop or laptop to check if there's still a loud whirring noise. 30 Dec 2019 To determine what components are creating noise, verify that lights on CD-ROM, DVD or another disc drive; Fan; Floppy drive; Hard drive; Modem; Power When I start or restart my computer, the fans are loud. Normal noises you should expect to hear include a low humming or quiet whistling sound. Hi - I have had my Unfi NVR almost a year to the day and its start to make loud clicking and whining noises. Here is the link in Unif Stories of my set up/. If you start hearing noises only occasionally or noises that you've never heard before - like loud clicking, grinding or squealing - your hard drive may be failing.

Nov 01, 2013 · What is That Computer Grinding Noise Burrowing Through My Brain?! I’m posting this because I just spent two hours trying to figure out why my computer (Windows) was slow and the hard drive’s computer grinding noise was making me CRAZY. Obviously, some process was running and eating all my CPU or memory, but what??

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Jun 24, 2012 · The road to hard drive failure: Sounds Ryan Burket. How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing DIY Video 2 How to fix a broken hard drive Beeping noise …

Look for very quiet hard drives next and also for quiet CD /DVD drives, they almost all come with published noise specifications these days. Honda crv whining noise from rear