Cd rom will not read discs

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my PC has been unable to read any CD/DVD disc I put in. I hear it spinning so I doubt there's any problem with 

ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit and it's free! In 1983, following the CD's introduction, Immink and Braat presented the first experiments with erasable compact discs during the 73rd AES Convention. In June 1985, the computer-readable CD-ROM (read-only memory) and, in 1990, CD-Recordable… The audio data stream in an audio CD is continuous, but has three parts. The main portion, which is further divided into playable audio tracks, is the program area. CD-ROM drives are specific enough (i. e., different from other block-devices such as floppy or hard disc drives), to define a set of common CD-ROM device operations, _dops. CD-ROM XA (for eXtended Architecture) discs contain Mode 2 sectors and were designed to allow audio and other data to be interleaved and read One of the most historically important artifacts to come from the home computer telecommunications revolution was shareware CDs, compact discs put out by companies containing hundreds of megabytes of shareware.

Aug 11, 2006 · I have Sony VAIO laptop with DVD writer. From past few days my DVD ROM is not reading DVDs, but it is detecting all CDs. When i insert DVD, it is trying to read that DVD and it is on the same IF YOU HAVE DVD/CD DRIVE PROBLEMS - READ THIS> - Sony IF YOU HAVE DVD/CD DRIVE PROBLEMS - READ THIS> Look in Device Manager to see if there are any errors against your DVD/CD-ROM drive. The disc information is held on the outside tracks for DVDs and the inner tracks for CDs. 8. Last resort is to perform a full C:\ Drive System Recovery from your Recovery Discs… SOLVED: Why won't my computer read any CDs or DVDs Oct 25, 2014 · Why won't my computer read any CDs or DVDs? When I insert a CD or DVD into the CD drive, the computer won't read it and doesn't recognize that I've inserted a disk. The computer is working fine other than that. you need to check a cable connections always compatible to your dvd/cd rom. Then go to the bios setting and find the deafault What to Do If Your Wii or Wii U Is Unable to Read a Disc

My CD Rom will not read any types of discs - Microsoft Aug 11, 2017 · My CD Rom will not read any types of discs. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Fix CD or DVD Drive Not Reading Discs in Windows 10

How to Read a Small CD in a Large CD Tray Be sure that the small CD is a disc that can be read by your computer. If the disc you are given is a DVD, your CD-ROM will not be able to read it. Instead use a DVD-ROM drive. About the Author.

Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other Dec 19, 2019 · There are various reasons why a CD or DVD drive is not detected. The resolutions that are listed in this article may help solve some instances but not all instances of this problem. You may also need to contact your hardware manufacturer for assistance with your hardware. How to fix a CD-ROM, DVD, or disc drive not working in Windows Jan 24, 2018 · If you tried all the steps above and you're still encountering errors with reading discs in the CD-ROM drive, it's possible that the drive is bad. You can try replacing the drive and see if a new CD-ROM drive resolves the issue. DVD/RW will not read anything [Solved] Apr 24, 2019 · my DVD/RW will not read cds, dvds or data discs. I used it regularly for burning both cds and dvds, up until 2days ago when it suddenly decided to stop working for reasons unknown. I have been to device manager which says there is no problems, I have reinstalled to let the pc find it. At one point of time, I thought my CD/DVD rom does'nt HP PCs - CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows 10, 8) | HP

When the DVD drive is not working, the computer system fails to recognize the device, or the device is not able to read Place an optical disc in your DVD-ROM.

What to Do If Your Wii or Wii U Is Unable to Read a Disc Sometimes, a Wii or Wii U is unable to read a disc; other times, a game will freeze or crash. Occasionally, the console won't play a disc at all. Before you throw the disc — or the console — out the window, a couple of easy fixes may get you back to your game. Drive F (CD/DVD) not reading - Lenovo Community I've been unable to find a hardware or driver issue in Windows 7 Device Manager. Everything looks OK. However, we got up one morning and discovered that the CD/DVD drive no longer reads anything. When we put in a disk, it whirs, wheezes, makes what sound like multiple attempts, and produces nothing Why does my DVD drive read DVD's but not CD's? - TechRepublic Note that some drives read certain types of CD-ROM media better than others, such that there is silver, gold, green dye-formulation CD-ROM media. So if a drive cannot read a certain disc, make a Solved: DVD / CD-Rom Drive won't read discs. - HP Support

Hi I'm having a problem with my computer getting it to read cds. Some work and some don't. For example, a Windows 7 install disc won't load,  9 Jan 2017 Windows 10 doesn't recognize DVD or can't find DVD/CD drive? Vista, then see this post – CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc drive is not showing.